Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Creating lessons with Cantor

As a student from the competition Google Code In, I saw that there is a task to create lessons in Cantor. Although I haven’t worked with this KDE software before, I accepted the task.

First of all I wanted to test some examples to get an overview of how Cantor works. Having no idea, I downloaded some of them and tried using them, without even knowing what a backend is. Of course it didn’t work and I was getting errors I’ve never heard of and there was text displayed I didn’t know what to do with.

After spending a bit more time on this program, I figured out that it is actually pretty simple: You choose the backend (programming language) and simply type commands, like for example plot(3x…) in and Cantor executes them. When I knew this I found it really easy to create my 2 lessons: Trigonometric – and Polynomial Functions. All I had to do is to type the functions in a specific format in and they were instantly plotted after just clicking “Evaluate Worksheet” – no other configurations and settings!

I successfully finished the task with the math knowledge from school. I’m happy I got through this and now know another program I might need in the future.

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